Meet Armand

I am committed to advancing all of psychology to advance all people. The reasons go deep; so does the hope I harbor. I believe in the power of psychological science and psychotherapy to heal broken souls, right injustices, and enhance a person’s quality of life and relationships. Because I believe this, I believe in a strong and potent APA, including science, practice and advocacy. I would not have the life I have, one in which dreams I dared not dream are now realities, without the advocacy of APA. I am committed to grow the recognition and influence of psychology in the public arena.

I think I am doing my part to achieve this. I am a 30-year veteran chair of boards, committees, and presidential task forces. I have sat on the Council of Representatives and Board of Directors, been a past president of Divisions 29 (Psychotherapy) and 44 (LGBT psychology) as well as serving two terms on 42’s (Independent Practice) board. In each of these posts I have sought consensus with respect for divergent views and diverse groups. Advancing my agenda has required working hard to advance all of psychology, starting with our scientific foundation and including education and training, advocacy, and practice issues. In addition, I have taught in graduate and high schools. I have lectured and presented nationally and internationally. The recognition I have received over the years suggests I have done my part well enough.

I am a Fellow of seven divisions (12, 17, 29, 31,42, 44, 52). Besides receiving the Ray Fowler Award for contributions to the APA and the profession, I been honored with a Presidential Citation for contributions to LGBT psychology, and by APA divisions and my state association for contributions to practice, education, diversity. ABPP has certified me in Clinical Psychology.

Working hard meant working smart and building credibility as an effective leader with vision. I co-authored APA’s policies on LGB guidelines and same sex-marriage. The latter provided the basis for APA’s amicus brief that the US Supreme Court cited in legalizing same-sex marriage, co-chaired the first international conference on LGBT mental health policy and recently taught a 3-day course on LGBT psychology in Wuhan, China. A past-chair of the Ethics Committee, I served on the recent Commission on Ethics Processes that has made recommendations to APA for revamping the conduct of ethics in the association.

In every capacity I have had the extraordinary privilege of meeting and working with psychologists, who do the research, lead and shape our discipline and profession. They have taught me how collaboration releases collective talents to achieve improbable objectives. They have proven that more can be learned from listening respectfully to those who disagree with me than hearing echoes of my own opinions.

My successes have proven my skills; my failures have strengthened my character. I want to do more. I believe I am prepared. With your support I can and will.

Armand Cerbone, PhD, ABPP

For APA President

Armand Cerbone, PhD, ABPP

Receiving the Ray Fowler Award

Receiving the Elder Award from the National Multicultural Summit in 2015