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I have witnessed Armand’s impressive leadership style–which is highly effective and result oriented–for 15 years. Through attentive listening and collaboration, he engages those around him to become invested and to achieve measurable goals. Armand is acutely aware of his privilege as a white male and lends his voice to those who do not have power. On many occasions, he has stepped aside from leadership roles so that women may obtain these positions. He is a strong mentor, advocating for a dynamic leadership pipeline that encourages and promotes others. His strong feminist stance is evidenced by what he says and more importantly what he does. Armand will be an excellent APA President and he is exactly what APA needs at this juncture in history to move us, as a professional organization, forward.

Arlene Noriega, PhD

President, Division 44 (Society for the Study of LGBT Issues), Div. 44 Rep to APA Council of Representatives; Chair, APA CSOGD; APA Fellow; Adjunct Asst. Clinical Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine

I am endorsing Dr. Armand Cerbone for President-Elect of APA. I have known Armand since I first joined APA in the early 1980s when I was a graduate student member, and he was one of early leaders in Division 44. Armand has been a leader in several APA divisions, and has served on APA Council and on the Board of Trustees. Thus, Armand knows the workings of APA and has demonstrated his talent and success in administration of our large association. More importantly, however, Armand has been a strong, impassioned, advocate for inclusion, diversity and social justice in APA. There are many important issues on which APA must take leadership, but we are in an unprecedented time in history when progress in overcoming white, heteronormative, cis-gender hegemony in this country appears to be going backward. APA needs leaders that will put our association at the forefront of a movement to regain the progress that has been so hard-won, and that needs to be on the ascendance rather than descending into an abysmal continuation of systemic racism, homophobia, transphobia, and gender inequality. Armand will be that strong leader. It is indeed time for his leadership.

Christopher R. Martell, PhD, ABPP

President - Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues), 2006 - 2007, Founding Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Dear APA Members,

Center on Halsted is the largest and most comprehensive community center dedicated to advancing community and securing the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland. Our vision is a thriving LGBTQ community, living powerfully in supportive inclusive environments. More than 1,400 community members visit the Center every day, located in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood. We work hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment with programs and services for the entire community. Our programs range from volleyball, dance performances and cooking classes to rapid HIV testing, group therapy and vocational training. We partner regularly with other organizations and groups from across Chicago and the nation to provide additional programming for the community.

Through this means Center on Halsted would like to formally express its support of Dr. Armand Cerbone’s candidacy for APA president. Dr. Cerbone’s proposed presidential goals are consistent with our mission, as he seeks to advance all of psychology for all people. We greatly appreciate his contributions as an academic and a leader, as many of them have had deep impact in the work we do day to day at Center on Halsted. We understand that Dr. Cerbone’s extensive APA governance experience would make him an ideal candidate and would support his ability to be an effective APA president. Finally, we strongly believe that APA would benefit from a leader who so clearly advocates for justice and values every human being. In conclusion, Center on Halsted is delighted to support Dr. Armand Cerbone’s nomination.

Modesto Valle, CEO

Center on Halsted

Having known and worked with him for years, I can say that Armand Cerbone’s passion for psychology and dedication to APA as a vital, transformative organizational force is second to none. His vision for the power of psychology as a change agent, both here and abroad, has been honed through years of practice, organizational work and above all steadfast leadership. He will make a remarkable President!

Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD

Professor and Chair, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Past President, California Psychological Association

I knew of Dr. Cerbone’s work in support of LGBTQ communities before I met him in 2010. Since then, we have served on several Boards and Committees together. Dr. Cerbone has always impressed me with his thoughtfulness and his sensitivity to various organizational demands when working within APA systems. He stands out for his interest and willingness to consider other points of view when collaborating with colleagues and considering challenging issues. He is well known and respected locally, nationally, and internationally for both his work in ethics and his policy work for LGBTQ people. He has established strong relationships with every Directorate in APA through his years of leadership and advocacy. He has tirelessly given much of his time to volunteer work for psychology. I have absolute faith in Dr. Cerbone’s ability to lead APA into the future and I believe we will be proud of how he represents our organization. He will have my number one vote for APA President in 2020.

Keely Kolmes, PsyD

CPA Council Representative, CPA Vice-Chair, Ethics Committee
Fellow, APA Division 42

Having worked closely with Armand Cerbone on many projects over two decades, I cannot think of a candidate more worthy of your #1 vote. His experience and dedication to important practice and public interest concerns place him at the top of the pack.

Gerry Koocher, PhD

Former APA President (2006), Dean and Professor, DePaul University

Dr. Armand R. Cerbone is a well-respected psychologist who is perhaps best known for his clinical work, publications, and tireless advocacy on behalf of the interests of LGBTQ psychologists and the people they serve. These laudable accomplishments are only a part of Dr. Cerbone’s numerous contributions to APA and to the profession.

I had the honor of serving on the APA Ethics Committee with Dr. Cerbone, beginning in 2012. There Dr. Cerbone distinguished himself as a thoughtful, reflective, and fair-minded committee member who not only offered a great deal to our discussions but was consistently open to considering other perspectives and differing opinions. The respect and confidence he earned there is reflected in the committee’s election of Dr. Cerbone to serve as vice chair and then chair of that committee. His leadership skills are further evident in his work on the APA Council of Representatives, Board of Directors, and in Divisions 44, 17, 42, and many others.

Dr. Cerbone has dedicated countless hours to serving his APA colleagues over many decades. He has a deep understanding of the governance of the organization and brings his knowledge, skills, and unwavering commitment to furthering the interests of psychologists. I am confident that Dr. Cerbone would make an invaluable contribution as president.

Janet T. Thomas, PsyD

I can think of no one better to lead the psychology profession than Dr. Armand Cerbone. Dr. Cerbone has a proven record that shows his skills, compassion and ability to problem-solve make him the ideal President of APA. Dr. Cerbone’s commitment to diversity, conflict-resolution and his demonstrated leadership expertise within APA governance have all been widely recognized through many awards and honors. APA, as well as the entire psychology community, will be well served with Dr. Cerbone as our next APA President.

Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD

Armand Cerbone is the President APA needs at this time in its history. He brings vast experience of APA to the table and has also shown himself to be open and ready to embrace change. While I have worked with Armand in many APA settings over the years, I would particularly like to highlight his work with the Finance Committee as liaison from the Policy and Planning. Understanding APA finances is crucial for a successful leader of the organization’s governance. Armand’s participation was informed, collaborative, and moved the agenda forward. As APA embarks on the new directions recently voted on by the Council of Representatives, Armand can be entrusted with the leadership needed by APA and by all psychologists and the public.

Bonnie Markham, PhD, PsyD

APA Treasurer 2011-2016

I highly recommend you give Dr. Armand Cerbone your number 1 vote on the upcoming APA President-Elect ballot. I have known Dr. Cerbone for many years and am particularly familiar with his leadership skills, which I observed while he was President of the Illinois Psychological Association (IPA). I was, at the time, Executive Director of the IPA.

Armand proved to be a skilled leader with his vision focused on advancing the profession of psychology, promoting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring that consumers were protected. He works to make sure that psychologists maintain the highest level of competency and training. While IPA President, Armand took the lead in supporting a mandatory continuing education requirement bill for Illinois psychologists; one that included necessary oversight with reasonable demands for the psychologist. His advocacy efforts also included supporting the introduction of a prescriptive authority bill for psychologists; a bill that would later pass and become law.

Among Armand’s strengths is his ability to see the big picture. He does not allow his own agenda to hinder discussion of other issues. He listens patiently, values transparency and is open to the views of others. He is supportive of the needs of practitioners, academics, researchers and all of psychology’s specialty areas. Armand is trusted by all those who work with him. He is an empathic, strong leader.

I give my unqualified endorsement of Armand for the position of President-Elect of the APA and encourage you to do the same. The profession will move forward under his leadership.

Terrence Koller, PhD, ABPP

I have known Armand Cerbone for over three decades, initially as a colleague, eventually as a friend. Throughout, he has been tirelessly dedicated to psychology as a profession, and has served effectively and creatively in a wide variety of capacities. He has not only been a leader in sexual orientation and gender diversity issues, but has been a leader in multiple divisions and at many levels of APA governance. As a result, he has the skills and experience to accomplish results in the complex organization that is APA.

What has most characterized his contributions are his ability to see different and at times opposing aspects of complex situations, and to respond with balance, clear-headedness, effectiveness, and a deep sense of justice and fairness. While politically astute, he has always retained a strong moral and ethical bearing, and a remarkable ability to be both passionate and reasoned. In my view, recent years have seen an erosion of psychologists’ trust and commitment to APA and its stature in the the public eye. I believe Armand Cerbone will go far in correcting and healing these ruptures, and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy for APA’s President.

John C. Gonsiorek, PhD, ABPP

Founding Editor, Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity; Fellow, APA Divisions 9, 12, 29, 36, 44

I can think of no individual who is more qualified and more well prepared than Dr. Armand Cerbone for serving successfully as the President of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Cerbone is an experienced and compassionate leader who has served successfully in so many key roles in the leadership and governance of APA and its divisions. He is an experienced practitioner, educator, and scholar, who also has been a passionate and effective advocate for those whose voices have historically not been heard and whose needs have not been adequately addressed. I have worked alongside Armand in many roles and have experienced first-hand his thoughtful, compassionate, informed, and effective efforts to advance our profession and to advocate for those in need. Armand is an effective team builder and collaborator who is a highly effective leader. He is a visionary who has repeatedly exhibited bravery and integrity in the work he has done to achieve our shared goals for our profession and for our society. I have complete trust and faith in Armand’s integrity, abilities, wisdom. commitment, and vision. If elected, I know he will be an outstanding APA President and that he will take our profession and our professional association forward positively and effectively.

Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP

Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology; Associate Dean, Loyola College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Department of Psychology Loyola University Maryland

Truly multi-talented persons are rare. Armand Cerbone is such a person. I had the great pleasure of meeting him many years ago and in the course of those years we worked together on several projects, mainly concerning one of our common goals: making psychology a safe place for LGBT people all over the world.

Armand Cerbone is high energy yet thoughtful, passionate yet reasonable, empathetic yet scientifically oriented, very knowledgeable yet a good listener, he has great leadership qualities yet he values the opinions of others.

This list could go on, but I guess you get my drift: he would make a great president for APA, so…vote for him!

Jan Schippers, PhD

Clinical Psychologist - Sexologist; former chair of the Association for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Psychologists-Europe

Armand Cerbone brings with him an impressive career of service and leadership in psychology. His willingness to work across differences, to listen well and create solutions, and to engage with his colleagues all make him an excellent choice for the job of APA President.

Laura S. Brown, PhD, ABPP

Independent Practice, Seattle WA
Former President APA Division 35, 44, 56, and the Washington State Psychological Association

I have known Armand Cerbone for almost half a century. We met at a two week long National Training Laboratories institute on group dynamics in Cedar City Utah. In the early ’70s, he was advocating evidence based therapy as a way to bring more legitimacy to the field of psychology. He seemed to be on a mission to get the rest of the world on board with the research that was and still is needed to add to the contribution psychology is making in the world. I have watched Armand take on leadership roles at the APA with compassion and passion for making sure every view is heard and respected. He is a master at helping people with conflicting ideas work together and produce a product or result that truly is better because of the conflicting views. As a clinician, he has been a mentor and partner. His talent for helping clients understand themselves is beyond any thing I have seen in other successful competent psychologists. I am excited to see what wonderful things he can accomplish as the president of the APA.

Jack Hungerford, PhD

Clinical & Organizational Psychologist

Armand Cerbone, PhD, ABPP

For APA President