Why I’m Running For APA President

These are troubled times. Beyond the APA, people no longer understand the world they live in. A shrinking globe has blurred borders and boundaries that once helped define who we are.

Disenfranchised by sweeping social and economic change, people are divided – no longer trusting the very institutions that safeguarded their interest, no longer anchored in their core values. They need the help of psychology.

Within APA, we, too, grapple with diminished trust and divisions arising from questions about our values and from what should be our greatest strength: our diversity as a discipline. Scientists feel marginalized by the guild interests of clinicians, who feel threatened by the encroachment of masters-level therapists. Our minority communities question our commitments to equality and human rights.

This distrust hampers APA’s ability to resolve problems like the crushing debt of young psychologists and students, the inequities experienced, or furthering the expansion of prescriptive authority.

The times compel us to craft big and bold solutions – ones that restore trust in the capacity of APA to fulfill its mission. Indeed, last March APA took one such bold step: our representatives in Council authorized plans to integrate our educational/scientific organization with our trade organization, thus empowering APA to advance all of psychology.

I have served in positions high and low in APA for more than 30 years. Those years have convinced me of the need for the ambitious transformation now begun. They have also confirmed the critical importance of adhering to our core values and the guardrails of our Ethics Code. I remain committed to these as the surest way to craft a more potent APA. APA can then be of value to all psychologists and all people.

I believe I am prepared to lead all of psychology for the benefit of all the people we serve.

Receiving the Heiser Award from then President Barry Anton

Dinner in Wuhan, China, with Professor Jiang, President of the Oriental Institute.

Armand Cerbone, PhD, ABPP

For APA President